The Camp

We are happy to introduce you the luxury adventures camp Bairagi Ganga Paradise. Only one of its kinds on badrinath highway, it is located 26km from Rishikesh towards holy badrinath shrine. The camp has been armored with all the modern luxury possible at beach mighty Ganga. 

Bairagi camps have 15 Luxurious and 12 Deluxe camps situated 20 feet down the badrinath road. Journey to the most fun filled trip starts from here only as we have to trek down to the camp which hardly takes 2 minutes. Luxurious camps includes king size bed along with dressed bed sheet and quilt & 2 chairs to lean on while standard camps consist of double bed with single chair. Whereas they differ a lot in terms of their size as Luxurious camps are more spacious than the standard ones.


                                                                            Main Attraction of the camp

Hangout: A well designed sitting space discovered under rock on beach just 15 feet above from ganga, magnificently made comfort space . the covered area consists of sitting sofas ,rounded tables, comfort chairs ,recreational instruments to rejoice you . a pool table, chess board, a craomboard, a loodo etc as indoor activities. The space is air-cooled by 04 coolers operated on solar energy .the small selected library can be enjoyed with a glass of bear in hand relaxing on the bunny bags. It is the perfect hangout discovered on ganga beach with relaxing as if in a hotel, we are the only on ganga beach designed this in your service.

Maintained beach :This is a maintained beach area tried to give you the proper space and loving experience of clear white sand. you are the right person to choose to be on sand or in water as the way made to go in between takes you to the swimming pool craved out from the natures lap of the holy river. the surrounded solar light on the path prepared towards the differentiating zone of the pool help you to have the adventure luxury of camping.

Swing and beach chairs: You be or kids with you enjoy the cane swing relax on the relaxing chairs,either at the hangout or be on the pool beach. They are layed to give you a perfect space of beach luxury. The swing swings you with the wind , cracking mum sound of mighty ganga water . a perfect space , immunised to give you a perfect feel nature. These are layed to give you sun bath or say bathe in ganga or pool and relax with the non harming sun full of natures energy.

Beach games : The space provides with the best beach games volleyball ,basketing ring , belly rings for your tummy exercise , pool polo in water.indoor games as loodo,chess etc

Dining & hygienic kitchen :The best and the wanted perfect dining area with modern kitchen. A modernised kitchen made to keep the food tastier and hygienic providing your needed flavours. The chef expert in bringing finger licking taste to you tonge, we provide and try to improve the taste you want .

Reception & shop: Greeting place for the customers, the entry briefing zone . a desk to tell you the dos and donts of camping providing you information on the other activities happening. This is the guide zone brings you the best can be reaped out from the schedule you have with you.They tell you the best you can have from the lesser time you have with you.
We also have a small shop to provide with you the basic needs to be fulfield at the spot.

Parking:We have a maintained parking space for 20 cars with a guard to take care of you beloved vehicles. He remains on the gate with the vehicles to take care of any unwanted happening.