Mountain Biking

If there is one life and you think you’ve done it all, well guess what? We are here to tell you that haven’t until you have tried this adventure sport. Uttarakhand the land of the Gods, truly a paradise on Earth is a serene place to visit blessed with one of God’s most amazing creation, nature at its best. The rivers, the mountains, the roads the trees, the fresh air, will instill within you with a sense of purity of the soul. To quench their thirst of adventure, adrenaline junkies visit Mohan Chatti, just 15 kms from Laxman Jhula for the love of mountain biking.
This adventure sport is not preferred by many people because it requires endurance, risk, core strength and guts. Mountain biking is basically the sport of riding bicycles off-road usually over rough terrain. Although you need not be a pro to try this sport, you just need to know the basics of riding a bike & you will be encountered with an experience of a lifetime. Pedaling across the landscapes, the snake like roads complete with hair pin turns will take your breath away.
But you can’t just go there with a want for the sport. You need a plan, that’s where we step in. From the start to the finish we plan your entire biking experience which includes the training from the one of the best, most experienced, and caring instructors. After you are given your training and fitted with the appropriate safety gear you get to choose the distance of the route you wish to cover and the instructors also travel with you to ensure safety and on the spot medic with first aid kits in any circumstances or mishappening. Give us a call and let our team explain you in more detail about this sport, its expenses, its requirements and all there is to know about it and we promise, without any compromises to give you the experience and memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Shilogi Moutain Biking & camping Trip

INR  8500 Rs per person

Group Departure Dates - 6th march, 3rd April, 24th April, 15th May, 5th June, and 26th June

Start Location – Tpovan , Rishikesh(office)End - Tpovan,Rishikesh(office)
Total Days – 03nights & 04 days/td> Ridding Days – 03
Total Days – 03nights & 04 days Ridding Days – 03
Total Ridding Km – 120 KM Surface – hill
Riders – 10 Meal – Shared cooking
Accommodations – Mobile camping + beach camping
Level – Moderate Cost – 8,500 Rs per person