Flying Safari in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh is done in the laps of Ganga. It has a magnificent scenic beauty which can be enjoyed for hours. One can have fun with their family or friends by enjoying Beach Games like volley ball or net ball. Evening becomes more alluring as its beauty gets doubled with innumerous stars in the sky and no electricity in and around the camps. In night Lanterns are provided by the camp people as a source of light as there is no supply of electricity in the camps. Toilets in the camp have Running water with western style commodes over a pit.

Beach camping is absolutely incomplete without the food. Starting from the morning Tea till the dinner all the major meals like breakfast, lunch and even Evening tea and snacks are provided at the camp side.

Beach camping includes all the above activities but still it is half done without Bonfire. It starts late evening after dinner and continues till night. You can dance, sing or even play various games and make it a memorable trip forever with family, friends or even loved ones.

With all these fun activities proper safety measures are also taken. People in the camp instruct and guide the entire tourist so that they can enjoy and have fun with the safety.
In addition to all the activities and facilities Bairagi Camp provides the best camping experience. It is not only luxurious but also has distinguished facilities inherit.