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Bungee Jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. We offer first fixed platform Bungee in Rishikesh. A Cantilever platform built over a rocky cliff overlooking a Rocky River Huel, a tributary of River Ganga. Jump with rubber chords tied to your ankle and feel the adrenaline rush like never before. The gorgeous hilly terrains are an intrinsic part of Uttarakhand, and cannot be extricated out of the Rishikesh experience. Please note, that the 15-20 minute walk up from the Recovery point, after your Bungee, to the Cafeteria, maybe strenuous for some, considering this is a hilly area but we urge you to take this in the spirit of adventure, and come prepared with sports shoes.
This is a beautiful walk up nonetheless, amidst the wilderness of Rishikesh, and rest assured that we have made arrangements to make this as comfortable as possible, with benches for a short rest, at regular intervals of the route. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is one of the most fascinating adventure activities which involves a lot of courage and increases self confidence. Minimum age required for Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is 12 Yrs, along with minimum weight of 40kg’s to maximum of 110 kg’s. So any person who comes under these criteria can enjoy Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh.
There is no doubt that Bungee Jumping can be a very safe or a very dangerous activity and should always be conducted as a controlled activity. Keeping all the Safety measures in mind our trained and professional team helps you and guides you to make your trip memorable and the best. You will be tied with a cord from ankle and back-up waist.
Ankle harnesses are usually secured to both legs, and they are often used in conjunction with other harnesses, especially body harnesses. When using ankle harnesses, it is best to have your body facing the line of the cord, especially when the cord becomes tight, or you could risk breaking your ankles.
Body harnesses are often attached to the stomach area to allow people freedom of movement with their arms and legs. This type of harness is similar to what people use when they are climbing. Another type of harness is the shoulder, or arm, harness. However, this should not be used by itself. Doing so would put your full weight on your arms, which could lead to a shoulder
Along with fitting harnesses, professionals take steps to ensure a location is safe for jumping. Such work includes ensuring that the bungee cord is anchored properly and other equipment, including airbags, is used as needed. Although there is no dress code for bungee jumping, certain types of clothing can help keep jumpers safe. Clothing that is too loose should not be worn because it could interfere with the bungee cord. Accessories that could cause an injury if they fell off or came loose during a jump should be removed before jumping. Among these items are glasses, jewelry and contacts. So come and join us to explore the best of Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh.

Bungee Jumping 2,850 Only (Per person)
Entry Ticket at Bungee 100 Only (Per Person)
Entry Tickect at Bungee : Rs 100 Only (Per Person
Bungee Video : 750 Only (Per Person
From Booking office to Jump Zone and Back : Rs 250 Only (Per Person

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