About bairagi camp

Bairagi Adventures is the part of Life in India holiday pvt. Ltd. The Idea is to set up luxury camping chain in all over India under the Name of Bairagi. The “Bairagi” origin from Sanskrit & to signify one who is free from human passions.
                     Bairagi; as the name suggests the one had become free from all bondation, a nomad class free from human desires. Now for us he is the one passionate to enjoy life at its full with 100% freshness and new life.
This is the rejoice the second born human, the one reborn from his own soul and body. They referred him away from all desires, we bring him to himself. They wanted him to wonder from place to place in search of undesired things, we bring him to fulfil his desires not wondering but exploring. They were bonded to stay where ever they got a place, we provide sign with 100% safety, 100% security where they need to stay and relax before the next mission to be explored.
This is a unique experience to explore not only yourself but also the untouched Mother Nature. The unique and only of its type product from Life In India Holiday (Adventure sport Company) bring you life at its full. Everyone wants to relax give a fresh start to the regular routine in the metro cities which have not even allowed them to think who they are. This is the rejoice the thunder taste of nature, the only place to be with .why don’t you play with the one whose product we all are, the one and only one nature. We here are a part on nature between the wild, the roars, the humming, the cries, the chous, the silence, the sound everything thought but nature.
When we found the need we discovered the Bairagi for you .he will guide you to Mother Nature, he is coming at your door shake hands with you, is going to pick you from the crowded cities to the nearest silent space. A space for you built for you developed by us. A place to bury your grief’s, to leave your sorrows, forget the worst happened.
Now spare some minutes for you, for the natures, for the stars, for the bright sun, for the cold moon, ultimately for you.
Our vision;
Our vision aim at the sun and let your arrow go it I sure to hit the sky. We aim to develop a better camping experience for our travellers with barrage camp expedition. In Rishikesh the class and height of camping need to be mobilized and we will. Apart from Rishikesh, barrage will come out with class camps throughout India at different segments as required. The thing is aimed to provide the best of camping under one open roof as taste of travellers has changed, today one require the holiday to be served in cup of adventure. The lack of safety measures and good adventure operators Indians are compelled to move outside. But not now barrage brings both in one cup, served before you in lavish anted commanded class. Adventure will be with 100% safe pure lavish hospitality served under single organizer in better rates.
Product of Bairagi –
1-Ganga Beach Camping in Rishikesh (Camp Ganga Paradise) – We are come out with a very Unique luxury beach camping experience at Bank of river Ganga in Rishikesh. Beach camping is very unique idea of camping which transform you to the other world, close to nature & your loving one. Name of our beach camp is Bairagi Ganga Paradise Camp at marine drive just 26 km from Rishikesh towards Badrinath on Rishikesh badrinath highway. Beach camping in Rishikesh is very popular from last 05 year but there is not a single beach camp in Rishikesh which provide a good camping. They do not able provide the basic facilities at camp & these camps polluted the Holy river Ganga. But Bairagi Ganga Paradise is the first eco friendly camp with best camping facilities. Beach camping is very beautiful & adventures idea for camping & makes your camping memorable.read more

2 Flying Safari in Rishikesh- What is Flying Safari – In Rishikesh Flying Safari, it’s more than just about the travel, it’s about discovery and adventure. If you thought you explored total Rishikesh and all around places……….. well it’s time to try something new, Air Safari is the adventures way to explore the natural scenic beauty of Rishikesh. In air safari you are joing skilled Aviators on an pre fixed itinerary, set against scenic backdrops not often dotted in regular maps, the show unveils the different ways of living life .It is as having a bird eye on the Land, River & hill of unexplored Rishikesh. The only sight available to the flying birds is made visible to the human eye by one and only one flying safari. This involves the adventure heart with courage of a tiger in the air surfing & watching under Neath its native place. read more

3-Bairagi Rafting in Rishikesh – White water rafting is most demanded adventure sport all over the world & Rishikesh (Holy River Ganga) is the paradise for rafting lovers in our entire world. Rishikesh rafting is very famous in all our world reason behind is that because Rishikesh rafting provides space to all from beginners till expert’s rafter? Bairagi provide you the best experience of rafting with 100% fun & 100% safety. read more

4-Bairagi Mountain biking & camping in Rishikesh - Barragi expeditions brings mountain biking holidays in the country side of Rishikesh offer the chance to ride superb through some of the most untouched scenery in Shivailik biosphere. We provide Mountain Biking & camping tours start from 01night till 05 Nights tours. Mountain Biking itself very exciting sport , you can discover untouched beauty of Uttarakhand & get a chance to spent a night in virgin palace in your doom tents under the star.

5-Bairagi Rappelling in Rishikesh - Rappelling is a very Daring adventurous sport. In Rappelling you would be descending terrains from a height. Like other adventure sports, rappelling in Rishikesh is also great fun & adventure sport. In rappelling you would relied on the best gear & qualified instructors which can guide you. Bairagi provides you the best of the equipment & instructor.

6-Bairagi Trekking in Rishikesh & Uttarakhand – Rishikesh is the gateway impressive mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Trekking in different pass of wilderness is a very adventurous, exciting & fun loving experience. Trekking provide the chance to trekkers to experience the different cultures, talking to local peoples & know about their lives. Bairagi offers different level of treks with world’s best equipment & guides.

Trekking is mentioned to be a difficult path taken to move, term was used to refer the migration. This term was used for travellers migrating on ox wagons from place to place. Now a day’s trekking is taken as an adventure sport and used to explore the unwinded, untouched, unexplored places throughout the earth. Trekkers travel even the places which were thought to be impossible to conquer.
There are treks in which The Mountains are steep and in the winter snowfall closes many of the mountain passes and makes the few roads treacherous. Some villages become completely inaccessible between November and March. One method of accessing snow-bound villages during the winter is trekking on top of the ice of frozen rivers. Conquering them exploring them with naked eyes travelling through on feet is not mere sports or holiday it is passion for generations one never ending.